Jam Session One:

Edella Schlager - How do the designs of institutional safeguards shape the links (or ties) among watershed jurisdictions and organizations and drive the performance of watershed governance?

James Rising - A Programming Language of Natural-Human Scenarios

Margaret Garcia -  Research design for robust socio-hydrological inference

Frances O’Donnell -  Red, White, and Flooded: Developing a Quantitative Model of  Human-Flood Interactions Under the U.S. Flood Insurance System

Jam Session Two:

Janice Beecher - Something Wicked? Framing Water Issues with Crisis Rhetoric and Deferring Governance

Linda Esteli Mendez - Developing Equitable Governance Institutions in Complex Socio-Ecological Systems

Steve LansingCan emergent patterns such as self-organized criticality be detected in anthropogenic landscapes using multispectral imagery?

Melissa Allen - Coupling Water Allocation Decision Making with Earth System Models


Jam Session Three:

Marc Muller Human migration as a fundamental conservative principle in socio-hydrologic systems

Sam ZipperPutting Humans in the Hydroscape: Mapping the world’s sociohydrologic landscapes

Christa Brelsford -  Tradeoffs between managing for resilience versus robustness 

Jam Session Four:

Murugesu Sivapalan - Spatial Dimensions of Socio-hydrology: Trans-boundary Water Conflicts

Elena Mondino -  Understanding risk perception through longitudinal data

Udit Bhatia - Physics guided machine learning for resilient infrastructure systems



Jam Session Five:

Matthew Sanderson - Values, norms, and social institutions: What to do with cultures and social structures in socio-hydrology and water governance?”

Patricia GoberSocial learning for Socio-hydrological models

Marion Dumas - Towards a comparative socio-hydrology: exploring the potential of a machine learning approach

Jam Session Six:

Felipe Augusto Arguelo de Souza - SHOWS: Socio-Hydrological Observatory for Water Security

David Groenfeldt - Unravelling the Role of Ethics in Water Decisions

Patrick Mbuollo Owuor - Health Impacts of Proposed Thwake Multipurpose Dam, Kenya


Jam Session Seven:

Paolo D’Odorico - Population growth, water resources, and trade

Brian Dermody - City superorganisms and the water they use

KM - Non-stationarity in water games: How can evolving game structures affect the behavior of rational decision makers?